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People have no idea! The number of scientific studies linking common pesticides to health problems among children and adults has skyrocketed over the past 15 years. This includes studies showing increased rates of child cancer, asthma and diabetes - just to name a few. For whatever reason, these studies are not making it to the mainstream television and news media - so the public is basically in the dark about these findings. Therefore, if we care about the future, this information must get out to the public and as fast as possible. To achieve this - we've begun our national campaign entitled - Why pesticides are far more dangerous than previously believed. We recently completed a full-scale search of bound and online medical journals for studies linking common pesticide exposure in homes, schools and businesses with both chronic and critical health disorders. To make this easy to read and understand - we set up a unique link category below so you can click a pesticide exposure source (such as living near farms or indoor pest control) and see an organized list of all medical studies done on just that topic. This also includes the medical journal name - universities - government agencies involved - and doctors participating in the study. There is also a link to the original journal online to confirm the accuracy of our information. To motivate change and alternatives to these pesticides, it is imperative this information gets out to the public (and lawmakers) and in a format that makes a very large impact! As pesticides harm children more than adults - this is also an emotional message that makes radio and television an excellent format to get the word out. Our first television commercial is completed and can be seen at - The audio for the commercial would also make for an excellent radio commercial as well.   Read the research below and you'll be as shocked as we were. You'll see how science lays out the framework showing each generation born since the major push of chemical pesticides in the 1950's is experiencing more health problems related to the immune & nervous system and at earlier ages than their parents. Health disorders occurring more today than in past generations include childhood asthma (going from 1% before 1960 to nearly 10% today), autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes (also going from 1 to 10%) - arthritis - increased rates of child cancer - decreased neurological quality in offspring such as autism, ADHD, lower IQ and lower academic performance in school. All of this is well documented in the medical studies below. The human brain grows at 4,000 cells per second beginning in the 4th week of pregnancy and is highly vulnerable to damage during this critical growth period. Pesticides are well known to damage this delicate process and if this trend of worsening mental & physical health continues in our children and their children - it's a scary prediciton of where we will be to in 30, 50 or 100 years.   OK, so if we agree with the hundreds of doctors and scientists in the research studies below - showing that even small levels of pesticides can accelerate the appearance of chronic and life threatening health problems - the question is - WHAT DO WE DO NEXT? How do we get people to care enough to do something to get these illness causing chemicals out of their homes, offices, schools and off the dinner table. Unfortunately, laws protecting the public won't improve as long as pesticide interests are allowed to donate unlimited "campaign contributions" to the legislators making laws that are supposed to protect the public. Therefore, the only way to stop the use of these chemicals in any significant amount (and move our children's future toward a positive direction) is to change another law - the law of supply and demand. By educating the public and showing the clear-cut science on how these chemicals really are causing a slow and insidious poisoning among ourselves - we then decrease demand for pesticides in homes - lawns - and food - resulting in a major upswing in consumer interest and willingness to pay a little more for services and products that achieve the same result but do not use chemical poisons. Yes... the alternatives to pesticides will cost a little more, but the savings in visits to doctors offices, hospital bills, special education costs for affected students (not to mention the greatly improved quality of life) - will quickly outweigh any initial expense. To really put this into high gear, our goal is to develop a series of highly creative - factual and emotion driven television and radio commercials to get the facts out on the harmful effects of pesticides. We want these commercials to be different - on the edge of shock and awe - and something that will be talked about at every water cooler for months!  

To get the ball rolling - we designed our first television commercial on the dangers of pesticides. Although it would be wonderful to raise enough funds to get this on Super Bowl 51 this February, we have more realistic ambitions of getting it aired on shows such as CNN - Dr. Oz and even - The Goldbergs - Big Bang and others. The commercial will be considered controversial in its delivery, but is factual and has a strong emotional impact because of the truth behind it. Its purpose is to also begin an unprecedented education process and make the research accessible showing how decades of low level pesticide exposure from homes, lawns, agriculture, mosquito control and food dramatically increases rates of serious health problems. This information has not been promoted in conventional media and its time for this to change. This will not only educate the public on this critically important topic, but will provide citizens and politicians with the facts and science needed to change pesticide laws across the country. To keep this education process ongoing, our goal is to use the initial publicity generated from our advertisements to also begin a business model in which we will develop future environmentally based television commercials that promote natural and organic based products - promote stores that sell these products - and promote businesses offering non-pesticide control of indoor insects. These commercials will then be paid for "cooperatively" by the same manufacturers, businesses and retail outlets specializing in these products and services. A WIN-WIN for everybody!

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Miscarriage - autism - birth defects - learning disabilities and brain cancer are just a few of the health disorders being found to occur more often in families living near farming areas. Of great concern, these increased health problems are not just occuring to people living on the edge of agricultural fields, but also among families living 1 mile away! While some health disorders can take years to appear, the problems are real and also include higher rates of neurolgoical disorders, infertility and weakening of immune system cells, thereby resulting in viruses growing faster within a person. This report summarizes 30 years of published research from around the world and provides solid reasons on why it is time to move for anyone living within 1 mile of any commercial farming area. Using pesticides inside homes, schools or offices has been shown to increase rates of the child blood cancer lymphoma and child leukemia. They have also been found to decrease child IQ and lower student academic performance in school (just to name a few). Families exposed to some pesticidess showed lower scores on reaction time - memory recall and increased symptoms of depression. Since indoor pesticides continue to be banned - it clearly shows safety tests are inadequate and their use should be stopped ASAP and alternatives implemented. Because of greater harm to children and those with weak immune systems, pesticide use in schools and homes should be stopped immediately. Spraying lawns with pesticides was found to increase the risk of child leukemia. A number of lawn pesticides have been banned over the years (even after original EPA approval). This was due to higher rates of health and immune system problems appearing in families using pesticides. This fact alone shows serious flaws in current safety guildelines for protecting the public. Increases in cancer and immune system disorders are typical for these chemicals. Lawn pesticides create a significant problem as it contains chemicals in the classes of insecticides, herbicides (weed killers) and fungicides. Some lawn pesticides have also been shown to react with sunlight to form even more dangerous chemicals. In this report you'll read documentation showing mosquito control pesticides can cause liver damage - damage to critical immune system cells that fight viruses (thereby allowing viruses to grow faster in the body) and also research showing increased cancers of the pancreas and forestomach and leukemia. The most common pesticides used in mosquito control are permethrin, malathion and the "extremely toxic" pesticide naled (dibrom). Naled has ironically been linked to microcephaly by damaging brain growth after a single exposure during pregnancy. While the pesticide malathion may take a larger amount to cause death (which is sometimes used incorrectly to promote its safety) - it has been linked with causing many more health problems than other pesticides. Dramatically higher rates of diabetes were also found in mosquito control pesticide workers. Attention Deficit disorder was found to occur more often in children with higher levels of pesticides in their blood. Scientists linked the higher pesticide exposure to eating commercially grown food as switching to organic food dropped pesticide levels by about 90% in one week. A major problem is that the U.S. imports large amounts of vegetables and fruit from South America which still allows the use of banned U.S.pesticides including -
DDT - Parathion - Chlordane - and others. Young face far more damage from food pesticides as they have much lower levels of important enzymes that remove pestcides from the blood. Bottom line - people say they can't afford the price of organic food, but this report shows we - can't afford - not to eat organic food.
Bug sprays are actually pesticides. Applications on people have now been linked with brain damage and harm to children if used by the mother during pregancy. Bug sprays typically include the pesticides in the pyrethroid category and also the controversial chemical DEET. Although some governmental agencies push these as being "safe" - they are anything but... Children have lower levels of critical "protection enzymes" known as paraoxonase. This fact is not taken into account when determining safe exposures for children.